Cubs and Scouts have a uniform that they wear during their weekly meetings and often on trips away. Below are details on the uniforms for Cubs and Scouts. Links to some online shops selling Cubs and scouts uniforms are listed at the bottom of this page

Cubs Uniform

Cub uniform consists of a green sweatshirt with your badges sewn on and a coloured scarf or ‘necker’ to represent your local group. There are lots of other optional accessories you can wear such as hats, hoodies, navy blue trousers or shorts.

Why is uniform important?

Wearing a uniform is comfy and practical. It means no one feels uncomfortable or left out and helps everyone feel part of the Pack. It also gives you a place to show off all the badges you earn.

Where to buy your uniform

Uniform can either be bought from various online shops. If you’re not sure where to start, adult volunteers can give you more information about what to buy and where to buy it.

Here’s where to sew on those badges

Scouts Uniform

Usually, this consists of a teal green shirt or blouse with their badges sewn on, which they pair with a scarf, known as a necker.  

Alongside their shirts, Scouts might wear the accompanying blue uniform trousers or skirt, or they might save their uniform bottoms to wear for special occasions like awards ceremonies and public events – choosing to wear something more casual with their shirt during the week. Optional accessories such as hats, hoodies, are also available.

Where can I buy my uniform?

Uniform can be bought from various online shops. If you’re not sure where to start, or could use a little help with uniform costs, fear not. Your Scout leader can chat to you about options. The most important thing when you first arrive is wearing something that you feel natural and comfortable in.

Here’s where to sew on those badges

Scout Uniform

1st Melbourne Necker

The scouts necker is worn as part of the uniform of all sections, and identifies the Scout Group that the members belong to. Our necker is scouts green with a white border. A necker will be provided when someone is invested.

Online Uniform Shops

The Scouts Association shop

Glasgow Scouts Store

Sheffield Scout and Guide Shop