Adult Training

Depending upon the role you hold within scouting different training must be completed within a certain period of time.

All Roles – Mandatory Training

The following are mandatory for all leader roles: All except First Aid can be done online. Safety, Safeguarding, and First Aid must be renewed every 3 years.

Getting Started Training.

As well as the mandatory roles there are two further modules that must be completed within 5 months of starting. Module 1 (Essential Information) can be completed independently. Modules 3 or 4 (depending on role) must be assessed by a training advisor, this could be your GSL.

  • Essential Information (Module 01). Module 01
  • Tools for the Role, Section Leaders (Module 03) Module 03
  • Tools for the Role, Managers (Module 04) Module 04

Upon completion of the both the mandatory and getting started training you are awarded your Gilwell Training Woggle.


For Trustees (formerly Exec) Module 01 is replaced by a specific module for Trustees Module 01X.

Wood Badge

Leaders are encouraged to work to complete their wood badge within 5 years, which requires completing and being assessed for further training modules. More information can be provided by your Training Advisor, or on the scouts website: Wood Badge

It is possible that learning can be validated without attending a scouts training session, this can be done with a training advisor working with a volunteer to check if they have the relevant skills.

Training for All roles.

Some wood badge training modules are the same irrespective the role you have. The following modules are for all roles and some of them can be completed online, and some traditional training. Once training is completed your learning will need to be validated by your Training Advisor. More details on modules for all roles can be found here: Training Modules for all appointments

  • Delivering a Quality Programme (12A) this can be completed as e-learning, Module 12A
  • Fundamentals of Scouting (05) this can be completed as e-learning, Module 5
  • Scouting for All (07) This is delivered by traditional methods.
  • Administration (11) this is delivered by traditional methods.

Section Leader Training.

In addition to the training for all roles there are a further group of modules required for Leaders wishing to achieve the wood badge. All of these modules are delivered and validated in a traditional manner. The modules are:

  • Skills of Leadership (08)
  • Working with Adults (09)
  • Programme Planning (12B)
  • Growing the Section (13)
  • Supporting Young People (14)
  • Promoting Positive Behaviour (15)
  • Residential Experiences (16)
  • Running Safe Activities (17)
  • Practical Skills (18)
  • International (19)

Mode details on these modules can be found here: Section Leader Modules